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Deborah Beaumont APRN 

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

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Hello my name is Deborah Beaumont

I am a breast cancer survivor

 I've been on both sides of the health care system, as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse for over thirty five years and as a two time cancer survivor. I've had too many sleepless nights on google at 3 am searching for information about every ache, pain and strange bump and lump, no matter how "normal", might be a sign that cancer has returned.   Living with this fear and helplessness is too often a reality in living with cancer.  As I went to my doctors and was given prescription after prescription and told to come in a year for a check up I felt like there had to be more.  Taking prescriptions gave me miserable side effects and  hoping for the best wasn't helping me sleep any better at night.   
 Studying functional medicine and learning how correcting hormone balance,  nutritional deficiencies and implementing lifestyle changes could help me fight cancer by creating an environment where cancer would not thrive gave me the sense of control and direction that had been stripped from me the day I got diagnosed with cancer.  It was the more I was looking for.  As I continue to grow and heal I have a passion to share what I've learned with you to support you in your recovery from breast cancer and breast cancer treatment.  

My Approach

As an Advance Practice Nurse as well as a Functional Medicine Practitioner I have a foot in both worlds - traditional medicine and what is often called alternative/complementary medicine.  While I believe there is a time and place for conventional medicine I also believe it is limited in what it offers in terms of overall health and balance and often dismisses or minimizes the negative side effects of prescriptions and treatments.  While conventional medicine is focused on diagnosis of disease and symptom management (often with surgery or prescriptions only) functional medicine focuses on the actual dynamics at play for each person and looks to address evidence of imbalance, dysfunction or blockage and then address these root causes to prevent and reverse disease.  In breast cancer treatment and recovery as well as other diseases the prescriptions and treatments create profound imbalances and symptoms often creating a downward spiral  that diminishes overall health and quality of life.  Too many patients suffer from brain fog, low energy, depression and fatigue that are not well addressed by conventional medicine and all too often are considered inevitable consequences of traditional treatment 
Functional medicine practices focused on hormonal balance, nutrition, lifestyle changes and targeted supplements have been proven to reduce many of the debilitating side effects of cancer treatment and management while addressing the underlying imbalances that allowed cancer to thrive in the first place.      
As a functional medicine practitioner I use the most up to date information on nutrition, toxins, and integrative healing to address your unique health problems and individualize a plan that helps you address your particular health needs and develop a long term plan for health and a vibrant quality of life.  


 Lisa P. and Lynn R. say

"Deborah Beaumont is a perfect balance of the traditional approach of testing and clinical knowledge with the holistic and integrative world of natural healing which addresses health and healing from a mind body perspective.  Her knowledge addresses the core issues before your health problems become worse. Deborah hunts down health symptoms to get to the root causes of issues and then puts together a plan that not only addresses the medical side of things but also the lifestyle contributors. If you are dealing with health issues that won't go away, I'd highly recommend working with Deborah, and finding the root causes before those issues get worse."

"I found Deborah excited to share her knowledge and support. Her views really resonated with me. I would recommend anyone who is starting to pay attention work with Deborah. She is kind and compassionate with everyone. She is able to be simple and straightforward in what she teaches but has a depth of knowledge to draw from to go deeper."


Health Consultation

This comprehensive assessment is the foundation for your health and wellness plan is an opportunity for discovery and connection. There is often a “breakthrough” in understanding the interconnection between your history, your symptoms and the health challenges you are facing. Understanding this interconnectedness provides an opportunity to identify immediate actions as well as establish longer term goals and strategies to achieve those goals. This consultation can be independent and is required for your individual program.


  • My thorough planning and preparation for your session
  • 60-75 minute consult focused on your individual health history and health challenges
  • Functional review of lab tests and speciality tests with recommendations for testing (price of additional testing not included)
  • Functional Assessment of current medication and supplements with recommendations to address your health needs 
  • Functional nutritional assessment with personalized dietary recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations to support your journey
  • Recommendations for a plan for continued support that meets your needs 

A complete written report of your session will be e-mailed to you. You will have the opportunity for e-mail follow up to clarify any questions or concerns.

Customized 1:1 Health Programs

  • A completely customized health and wellness program founded in mind body skills and holistic health and tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle
  • 1:1 coaching and support sessions to support dietary and lifestyle changes to recover your health and vitality
  • Access to my signature Mind, Mood and Food Clean Eating Plan
  • Access to programs to address digestive health and heal your gut 
  • Customized nutritional plan with ongoing support 
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Ongoing recommendation and evaluation of laboratory testing and supplements (cost of testing and supplements separate)
  • Mind-Body healing tools
  • Personal guidance and support between sessions
  • Support tools, follow up notes and relevant handouts

Groups and Classes

Groups and classes are offered periodically to help you jumpstart your healing journey or move past blocks and plateaus you may be experiencing.  These classes are held on-line and in person.  Topics include:Recovering from breast cancerRecovering from breast implant illnessFood based cleanses and detoxHealing your digestion Gut healthKicking sugar addictionRecovering your energySteps to conquer gluten free livingMind-body Healing

My Story

Deborah Beaumont Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner



I’m a two time cancer survivor - equally as important I’m a two time cancer treatment survivor.

I remember the day 6 years ago that I was sitting in my surgeon’s office, actually the 3rd breast surgeons office, being told the recommended treatment was a double mastectomy.  As you can imagine it’s the last thing I wanted to hear - what woman does.  I had already gone through cancer treatment 10 years earlier and had overcome numerous complications to get my life back.  It was devastating to think I would have to go through cancer treatment again.

The truth was i had been offered one of the most high profile jobs of my career within a day of being told I had bilateral breast cancer.  Initially, my whole focus was how to deal with the cancer and get on with my life and my new job as soon as I could - as if the cancer was a minor nuisance along the way of living my life.  I had already fought back from the first bought cancer and I was determined to get this over as soon as possible.

It was only when I saw the 4th surgeon about reconstruction and he told me my best, and perhaps only, chance to prevent a return of metastatic cancer was to have a double mastectomy, that I understood the true gravity my diagnosis.  I had held on to the belief I could go through a lumpectomy to prevent the horrible choice of mastectomies but that wasn’t a good choice for me. I made the decision no woman ever wants to make and decided to have a double mastectomy.

As is typical for me the surgery and recovery was not straight forward and I had numerous complications - infection, rejection of expanders, lymphedema, hormonal imbalance, anxiety and depression.  Over the course of 3 years I had 8 surgeries, numerous procedures and what seemed like endless prescriptions and medications.  All in all the toll it took on my health and life was tremendous and when it was all done I felt like I had been run over several times by a steam roller.

As relieved as I was when the surgeries and active treatments were over I found that was not the end of the difficult decisions and the experience of cancer.  I was then put on hormone blocking drugs that gave me horrible side effects, put me in premature menopause involving hot flashes, horrible mood swings, weight gain and killed my sex drive (which had a huge effect on my relationship - particularly being recently married).  Each time I went to my oncologist I was told it was just the cost of treatment and to just keep taking the prescriptions and coming back for yearly check ups to make sure there was no sign of return or metastasis.  

I became increasingly frustrated with this single minded view and the all too typical advise to lose weight and lower my blood pressure - as if this was a straightforward thing to do with the hormonal havoc going on in my body.  I reached the point that I knew I needed more information to get my health and my life back and get off the multiple prescription meds I was taking.  

What I found is there wasn't lot of information or support in the conventional medicine world for someone who had post cancer treatment care.  Routine prescriptions and yearly follow ups were pretty much the scope of advise I was given.  Treatment was over and I felt like I was pushed into unknown territory with little support and guidance.  More than just dealing with physical symptoms I found that once the activity of going through appointments and procedures the emotional aspect and reality of this diagnosis set in as well as a fair amount of anxiety and uncertainty.  There was so much more I needed to make decisions about my long term health and fear of recurrence than prescriptions, elective surgery and periodic monitoring.  All of a sudden all the "support" I had during my procedures and active treatment was gone and I felt truly lost.   I knew more surgery was not the answer - nor was the advise to just keep taking prescriptions (with miserable side effects) for 10 years and hope for the best. 

Given what I know now I am amazed at the incredible amount of misguided advise I was given.  My doctors didn't really know about or counsel me about hormone balance, hormone metabolism, toxins, diet and lifestyle changes that impact my overall risk of cancer returning and metastasizing.   How crazy it was to be told to do elective surgery for hormone balance when it wouldn't have corrected the underlying problem at all - it would have just made things worse.  I am so thankful I listened to that inner voice said no to much of what I was being told. 

I knew I needed more.  Fortunately, as I researched more I found the world of integrative and functional medicine in the management of cancer.  I learned about natural hormone balance (as opposed to surgery), nutrition and lifestyle factors that could effected my health, and most importantly the interconnectedness of everything that was going on and how it was impacting my health.   

These integrative or "alternative" approaches weren't  discussed with me by my oncologist (outside of improve your diet and exercise).   When I found out about a common deficiency I have that increases your chances of cancer (that could be treated with supplements) and asked my doctor why I had not been tested she just shrugged and said that's not what she did.  

Well, I decided it was going to become what I did.  I realized there was so much more to managing my lifelong risk of cancer and recurrence than what was going to come from conventional medicine.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not anti-medicine - I just don't believe it's the whole picture.  I don't regret my treatment decisions - it's just that managing the disease is not all I needed to address my long term health.  And contrary to what many of my doctors said - quality of life matters.   

I have learned so much about the landmark and characteristics of cancer and most importantly have learned natural practical, everyday actions that helped me recover from the exhaustion, brain fog and depression that I experienced long after my active treatment.  I'm off the numerous prescriptions and I feel empowered going forward in making treatment decisions based on what I want and need in my life. 

As a patient I am always on the journey of learning and figuring this out.  There is nothing easy about breast cancer or the myriad of decisions I continually  need to as I navigate the emotional and physical truth of this disease.   

Initially, it felt like I had to make these life altering decisions with a loaded gun pointed at me - the gun being a the threat of dying of breast cancer.   Now, I have the time to research and learn more about prevention and treatment from a holistic perspective.

I learned the difficulty and fear doesn't end the day you ring the bell or have your last surgery  - the process changes.  You still have to navigate recovery from treatment, get your health back ,  navigate the treatments and medications being thrown at you (all with their side effects) and manage all of this while trying to get your life back and not be obsessed with everything cancer. 

Life after treatment is a  new normal.

As a practitioner I know there is information that patients need and are not routinely provided in conventional medicine/oncology.  Traditional treatment is a specific (usually disease model) focus.  As a Functional Medicine Practitioner I step back and look at the whole picture with an deepening understanding of the interconnectedness of what is going on emotionally and physically.  I work to help restore balance and help my clients understand their choices and how to make sense of all the information.

More than anything I think you need to feel empowered again in your life and health decisions after you've gone through this process that strips the sense of power and control from you.   All to often I see women who have never felt comfortable asking basic questions about their diagnosis and testing during treatment and feel confused and lost after treatment in trying to make the make sense of it all and move forward.    I am committed to empowering clients with information and support and encouraging them to reclaim their health and their lives.   

I believe the emotional truth of diagnosis and treatment is raw, difficult and certainly none of us would choose.  Sometimes, family and friends don't understand the emotional truth underlying our decisions but I truly believe  

      - Boobs Aren't Worth Dying For-

Knowledge is power.  This journey can feel isolating but you don't have to do it alone.

If you have questions or would like a free consultation to discuss your situation please reach out.

To your best health


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