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 My first session with Deborah Beaumont made me realize that this was a different experience than any other medical appointment I've had in the past. During the initial visit, I was truly impressed by how Deborah clearly explained the medical tests and potential causes of my symptoms. What impressed me the most was how she is trying to find the root cause of the symptoms to eliminate the problem, instead of just prescribing medications to cover up the symptoms. She was happy to explain the technical and biological aspects of my health in the detail I needed, so that I could truly understand WHY she was suggesting certain dietary changes and medical tests. Deborah is extremely supportive, non-judgmental, relatable, and her knowledge has led to life-changing results. Since I've started to follow her suggestions, my symptoms are dramatically improving, my energy level is shockingly different (feel like a teenager again), my anxiety/stress reduced, and I'm realizing that many aspects of my health are related in ways I never understood before. I also appreciate that Deborah is open to having phone consultations (since I live far away), and I never feel rushed during our consults, and she truly listens. I've recommended her to many of my friends, and have been comforted to finally have found a medical professional that has given this much thought and care in treatment. 


I found Deborah excited to share her knowledge and support. Her views really resonated with me. I would recommend anyone who is starting to pay attention work with Deborah. She is kind and compassionate with everyone. She is able to be simple and straightforward in what she teaches but has a depth of knowledge to draw from to go deeper.

Deborah was available when I needed her even when I was in crisis. She helped me understand day to day what was happening and helped me address my concerns in a patient and understanding way. She is incredibly knowledgable and I felt safe in her hands. I was so glad she was on my team.  

I’ve worked with a lot of doctors and practitioners but I needed someone who could look at the whole picture and help me understand how to make sense of all the recommendations and advice. As a nurse I knew she understood the medical piece of my care as well as the natural treatments I wanted to pursue.  She helped me understand all the medical “jargon”. Too many times I was confused and overwhelmed after seeing my doctor and she patiently would explain to me what was said and help me understand what it all meant.  


"Deborah Beaumont is a perfect balance of the traditional approach of testing and clinical knowledge with the holistic and integrative world of natural healing which addresses health and healing from a mind body perspective.  Her knowledge addresses the core issues before your health problems become worse. Deborah hunts down health symptoms to get to the root causes of issues and then puts together a plan that not only addresses the medical side of things but also the lifestyle contributors. If you are dealing with health issues that won't go away, I'd highly recommend working with Deborah, and finding the root causes before those issues get worse."

"I found Deborah excited to share her knowledge and support. Her views really resonated with me. I would recommend anyone who is starting to pay attention work with Deborah. She is kind and compassionate with everyone. She is able to be simple and straightforward in what she teaches but has a depth of knowledge to draw from to go deeper."

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Hello my name is Deborah Beaumont

I am a two time cancer survivor as well as a functional medicine and integrative practitioner

I've been on both sides of the health care system, as a Registered Nurse for over thirty five years and as a two time cancer survivor. I've had too many sleepless nights on google at 3 am searching for information because I was having side effects my doctors didn't know how to treat or I had a new ache, pain or  bump and feared it was a sign cancer had returned.

Let's face it getting a breast cancer scare or diagnosis throws you in the middle of our traditional healthcare system with all of it's benefits and limitations.  Whether you are in the medical system (as I was) or not it's an overwhelming and frightening time.  If you are diagnosed with breast cancer you are forced to make big, life altering decisions in a short period of time with limited information.  

As much as we are trained to and expect to turn to doctors and the traditional medical system to help us sort through all this information and overload it has been my experience as a patient and practitioner that this is very limiting.  Doctors are trained to treat disease and symptoms - often with prescriptions, surgery and treatments.  They are specialists who focus on their particular area.  While that is important it is not enough to address the complexity of the health issues we must address and correct if we want to recover from cancer and remain disease free.  

It was after my own experience with cervical cancer in 2000 and bilateral breast cancer in 2011 that I chose to dedicate my practice to the study of integrative and functional medicine.  Being thrown into the overwhelming world of cancer management left me 

 Living with this fear and helplessness is too often a reality once you've been told you have cancer.  As I went from active treatment with all the complications and setbacks to "post-treatment" I felt like the information and support I got from my doctors was limited and frankly just not good enough.  It was only when I developed complications from medications and treatments that I found out this wasn't unusual and often times expected and yet I was  given prescription after prescription and went through numerous surgeries before I realized I needed to do something different.  

It was my study of functional medicine as well as mind-body medicine that become the "something different" I needed.  It helped me understand cancer from a metabolic standpoint and helped me move from chasing symptoms and letting cancer rule my life to really addressing the underlying health issues that were effecting all aspects of my health - not just cancer. 

  Let's face it cancer is complicated and while oncology focuses on treatment once you've got an official diagnosis or tumor there isn't a lot of emphasis put into how to prevent it in the first place (or to prevent recurrence), or how to address the many issues that come up during and after treatment.   I found out there has actually been a tremendous amount of research and progress in the last 20 years that helps us understand cancer as a metabolic disease that is largely effected by nutrition, lifestyle, stress, hormones and environment.  While these breakthroughs have been tremendous the information has not found it's way into mainstream medicine protocols and many doctors have been reluctant to incorporate this new information.  

By the same token I get frustrated, to put it nicely, when I hear about alternative cures that suggest frozen lemons or baking soda to cure cancer or these who believe that anything to do with traditional medicine is wrong and only promote "natural" treatments.  

Alternative  medicine is a big umbrella that encompasses everything from purely anecdotal reports to evidence based knowledge and information that is backed by research and clinical data but falls outside the traditional "medical" model.   Much of the research and information we have learned in the last 20 years about the metabolic model of cancer falls in this category solely because it has not been embraced by mainstream oncology. 

This is where I find functional medicine as an integrative modality is valuable.  Functional medicine incorporates the best of medicine with our evolving understanding of lifestyle and environmental factors that play a key role  in the development and spread of cancer and focuses on lifestyle changes that help us prevent the development, spread and recurrence of cancer.   For me functional medicine incorporates the best of western medicine as well as evidence based integrative medicine.   I don't believe it has to be an either/or choice. 

In the world of cancer treatment I feel the post-treatment health issues are not well addressed and many key imbalances are not identified and treated.  With so much emphasis on active treatment around cancer management other key health issues simply don't get addressed.  This is where I feel there can be a lot of benefit in implementing strategies to heal the damage done from treatment and support the rebuilding of the energy is not put on what happens when those treatments are done. 

As a patient I can tell you I want it all.  As a woman dealing with the everyday reality of breast cancer and struggling with treatment decisions I want scientific, evidence based treatments that treat my  cancer, support my health and recovery, reduce the side effects of treatments, and allow me to have a good quality of life.  I want the most natural, non-toxic treatments I can find.  I want to have piece of mind and sleep at night.  

As a practitioner I want that for you as well.  I study the most up do date information and practices that help address this multifaceted disease.  I want to support my clients in understanding all of their treatment options and making informed choices regarding treatments and the long term effects of treatment.   


About Me

I will never forget the day several years ago walking down the hall to an office to have a nurse and psychologist "interpret" the news I had just received. I had just been told I had breast cancer.  That day began a long journey of medical appointments, surgeries, treatments and a barrage of information to sort through as I tried to deal with the impossible news I had breast cancer. 

I talked to so many experts and received so many opinions it was hard to sort through it all and know what to do.  Like many women I was numb and all I could think of was "get this out of my body".  As I look back I realize I had tunnel vision and didn't really incorporate and integrate as much information as I could have - I was so terrified I just wanted the process over and done so i could get back to my life.

I've learned a lot since then - not only about breast cancer but about the process of health and healing that goes beyond the initial treatment decisions I felt so pressured to make.  Unfortunately, I didn't learn my lessons academically - it was through trial and error - what I often refer to as the two-by-four approach.    Is was through numerous complications, treatment setbacks and failures, and complications I came  to look outside of conventional oncology to help me heal and make long term treatment decisions.  As much as i valued my medical providers I found out they only had one piece of the puzzle and were limited in helping me understand my health and recovery from a holistic perspective; not only that but their multiple prescriptions and treatments weren't working and as I got sicker and sicker they were running out of treatment options.   As I saw numerous specialists my treatment was distilled down to each of them treating the symptom that fell in their speciality but not able to help me address the whole picture.   The day my surgeon told me "I don't know what else to do" was a turning point for me.

There is so much more to treatment than numerous prescriptions and surgeries and trying to figure out what size I wanted my reconstructed boobs to be.  I wanted and needed to understand how to manage my cancer and my risks of recurrence and how to get well and return to some semblance of a normal life.  What I found is doctors treat symptoms and disease and specialize in their areas.  

My experience of being reduced to a symptom or a statistic was frustrating and aggravating.  At each stage of my recovery when asked questions about side effects, long term effectiveness and the impact of these medications and treatments on my quality of life I felt like I was given a bunch of statistics and prescriptions and too often was sent to another specialist. 

My experience led me to study and gain a broader, more holistic, understanding of cancer and ultimately my health.   In addition to the integrative practices I already studied  I found the study of functional medicine.  This was the bridge I needed to incorporate what I knew from my nursing experience and what I had studied about integrative modalities.  It had the evidence based approach I needed as well as combined healing modalities. 

My work is now grounded in a functional medicine approach.  Functional medicine is an approach to health and healing that not only helps you resolve symptoms and feel better but looks to utilize the most natural, least toxic methods to  address the underlying imbalances that led to having the symptoms to begin with mind-body healing, nutrition, supplements, stress management and hormone balance needed for recovery.  Using a functional approach is a holistic approach that is designed to address your particular needs.  

A major goal for me as I work with my clients is to empower them to be an active participant in their own health and recovery.  There are no easy choices when dealing with breast cancer and to have the best outcome I believe we need to understand our treatment options.  

As an integrative practitioner I hope to be the kind of resource and supportive practitioner I needed that day I walked down the hall years ago.  I strive to help my clients understand their treatment options and make informed decisions from a place of knowledge and empowerment.  Every decision we make is highly personal and there is not one right way for everyone.  By incorporating the best of conventional medicine, functional medicine and evidence based complementary therapies I believe we can create a long term recovery plan that gives us the best quality of life and piece of mind.

Oncology treatment may end the day you ring the chemo bell but our recovery isn't over.  In many ways the challenges begin.  The challenge to rebuild your body, heal from the toxic effects of treatment and regain a sense of health and vitality.  Unfortunately, our current conventional system focuses a great deal on the treatment phase and pretty much drops the ball in the long term recovery phase.  You ring the bell and suddenly the support ends or too often becomes minimal and is reduced to getting check ups every few months to make sure cancer hasn't returned.  This is only one of the many issues we need to address .  All to often there are debilitating side effects from treatment that last months if not years.  Debilitating exhaustion, brain fog (chemo brain), pain, disfigurement and neuropathy too often are treated as the expected  outcomes we have to endure - basically the cost of surviving.  I don't believe it has to be this way.  The  traditional approach of prescriptions and procedures given to address symptoms too often do little to offer relief, often times create other problems and all too often result in long term dependence on prescriptions and procedures which can result in a diminished  quality of life.   After everything we go through to fight this disease I believe we deserve more.

I believe we deserve the best - the best information, the best treatment and the best quality of life.  The attitude that we just need to live with debilitating symptoms that keep us from feeling our best and fully engaging in our lives is just not good enough. 

This post treatment recovery is a time when I believe functional and integrative medicine has a lot to offer.  By addressing the underlying imbalances and supporting the body I have supported women in regaining their energy, mental clarity and health in ways they didn't believe were possible. 

It is my goal to help you address your own unique needs from a holistic and "integrative" perspective so you have piece of mind in your treatment decisions and have the opportunity to heal your body, address underlying imbalances and have the best long term recovery plan possible. 

I have an eclectic approach that draws on my training and professional experience in nursing, psychology, nutrition, mind-body medicine, and  functional medicine to help you develop the long term treatment plan unique to your needs that honors your physical, emotional and psychological health.  I help you understand your treatment options and support you to find the most comprehensive, least toxic treatment options available.  

I believe knowledge is power and I want to support you to become the most powerful advocate for you own health and recovery.  As I said I strive to be the resource to other women that I wish I had when I walked down that hallway years ago. 

I look forward to talking with you and finding out how I can support you to create your own be


Integrative Health Strategy Consultation

This comprehensive assessment is the foundation for your health and wellness plan and is an opportunity for discovery and connection.  This in-depth session will be based on a thorough review of your history, labs and health challenges. 

During this time we review your individual circumstances and discuss goals and a plan to achieve them. After a thorough review we will define the next steps.  

There is often a “breakthrough” in understanding the interconnection between your history, your symptoms and the health challenges you are facing. Understanding this interconnectedness provides an opportunity to identify immediate actions as well as establish longer term goals and strategies to achieve those goals. This consultation can be independent and is required for your individual program.


  • My thorough planning and preparation for your session
  • 60-75 minute consult focused on your individual health history and health challenges
  • Functional review of lab tests and speciality tests with recommendations for testing (price of additional testing not included)
  • Functional Assessment of current medication and supplements with recommendations to address your health needs 
  • Functional nutritional assessment with personalized dietary recommendations
  • Lifestyle recommendations to support your journey
  • Recommendations for a plan for continued support that meets your needs 

A complete written report of your session will be e-mailed to you. You will have the opportunity for e-mail follow up to clarify any questions or concerns. 

Customized 1:1 Health Programs

  • A completely customized health and wellness program founded in mind body skills and holistic health and tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle
  • 1:1 coaching and support sessions to support dietary and lifestyle changes to recover your health and vitality
  • Access to my signature Mind, Mood and Food Clean Eating Plan
  • Access to programs to address digestive health and heal your gut 
  • Customized nutritional plan with ongoing support 
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Ongoing recommendation and evaluation of laboratory testing and supplements (cost of testing and supplements separate)
  • Mind-Body healing tools
  • Personal guidance and support between sessions
  • Support tools, follow up notes and relevant handouts

Groups and Classes

Groups and classes are offered periodically to help you jumpstart your healing journey or move past blocks and plateaus you may be experiencing.  These classes are held on-line and in person.  Topics include:Recovering from breast cancerRecovering from breast implant illnessFood based cleanses and detoxHealing your digestion Gut healthKicking sugar addictionRecovering your energySteps to conquer gluten free livingMind-body Healing

It's not over just because chemo and radiation are done

Deborah Beaumont-Functional Medicine Practitioner


Thanks for stopping by! 

Several years ago I was sitting in my oncologist’s office in something of emotional panic. It had been several months after I finished active treatment for my breast cancer and one night I felt a marble size lump in my right breast. At this point I lived out of state yet flew back to see my trusted oncologist. I had already been through the breast cancer diagnosis and ordeal of a double mastectomy, numerous reconstructive surgeries, had taken more prescriptions than I could keep track of including hormone blocking drugs that had put me in menopause with a vengeance. The side effects of Tamoxifen was making me miserable but I was continuing to take it out of my fear of recurrence. The side effects of everything had depleted me mentally, physically and emotionally yet here I was facing the fact that despite everything I had done the cancer had returned.  

The oncologist spent less than 20 minutes with me. After glancing through my chart, reviewing my medications and doing a cursory exam she assured me it was a benign lump, wrote a prescription for another year of Tamoxifen and told me to come back in a a year for to make sure I didn’t have symptoms of recurrence. After flying thousands of miles in the dead of night in a panic I wanted more. I distinctly remember asking her what I could do to make sure cancer didn’t come back - testing, monitoring - anything really. I needed to know where to go from here. With a shrug she said “not much - stay on the medication, wait and see if you develop symptoms of recurrence.” 

WHAT? After everything that’s all you’ve got?

That day was a turning point for me. Generic advice and toxic medication - that was it? I knew there had to be more than just hoping for the best. I also knew that even though I would always have to address the potential for cancer recurrence that dealing with all of the health issues I was having, some of them the result of treatment, required more than lip service advice to lose weight and lower my blood pressure.

It was then I started studying and started learning everything I could about cancer and cancer prevention in the context of my health. My study took me into the world of functiowas the place where I began to understand the interconnectedness of not only my illness but the effects of medication, treatment, stress on my overall health. It made sense from my traditional medicine training and from everything I knew about mind-body medicine and the role of lifestyle on my overall health. By implementing many the principles I was learning I I was able to wean off medication, started reducing stress, slept better and finally started feeling better and getting my energy back. My brain fog, reflux, insomnia and gut problems started to resolve and I was finally beginning to feel more energy and more like myself. I was able to wean off many of the medications I had been taking and actually started feeling more in charge of my life. The difference was so significant I knew I needed to be able to help other women going through similar experiences

Maybe you’ve arrived on my page because you have a similar journey

  • perhaps you’re struggling with your own health issues after treatment  -perhaps you're looking for an integrative approach to your health
  • perhaps you're looking to make sense of everything
  • perhaps you want to know how to decrease your risk of getting sick
  • maybe you just want to feel better - 

              WELCOME!  You're in the right place

The truth is in my practice I see many women who are suffering with side effects and symptoms months and years after treatment that go beyond their initial diagnosis of breast cancer. As we all know these treatments and medications have their own debilitating side effects. I hear women tell me they’ve been dismissed or their experience minimized all too often being told it’s the cost of dealing with cancer. 

What I’ve learned is that it doesn’t have to be this way. The truth is we all have to navigate difficult treatment decisions and there are no easy answers. What we don’t have to do is suffer needlessly. We may feel helpless over the disease of cancer but we are not helpless in supporting our bodies and our health in ways to prevent and overcome issues that effect the quality of our lives. There are times when medications and treatments are needed but there are also valid, non-toxic ways we can support our health and prevent many of these problems that too often are chronic and debilitating. That’s what I do as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. I help you understand your body, your treatment and the mind-body interconnectedness that is the foundation for health and well being.

Drawing on my medical training as well as my training as a Mind-Body and Functional Medicine Practitioner I want to empower you in your health and recovery. I am committed to supporting you in your recovery. After all, we didn’t come this far to just take prescriptions and hope for the best.