Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk


 Todays guest discusses breast density and breast cancer risk as well as her  advocacy to get laws passed in 35 states mandating that woman be told this information  Show notes:

No More Funkified Food

We continue our interview with cook and health coach Leslie Nance discussing food as medicine.  

Become the CEO of Your Health

Leslie Nance is a Holistic Cancer Leslie On todays show Leslie Nance Health Coach, survivor and creator of shares  her philosophy of food as medicine and using nutrition to become the CEO of your own health.  Show Notes: 

Premier Episode

The podcast dedicated to breast cancer and breast cancer treatment recovery.  Healing doesn't end the day you ring the chemo bell.  Learn to reclaim your health and vitality using an integrative and functional medicine approach.  

Functional Medicine Part 1


Functional medicine is an integrative approach to healthcare that focuses on correcting the root cause of imbalance in the body that is leading to symptoms and disease.  It focuses on more natural interventions and less on prescriptions that often mask or create other symptoms. 

Functional Medicine part 2

In this episode we continue to explore functional medicine and it's role in developing an integrative treatment approach in the process of recovering from breast cancer

Functional Medicine with Tracy Harrison

Practitioner and founder of the  School of Applied Functional Medicine Tracy Harrison joins us to discuss functional medicine  and recovery issues.  For full show notes

Interview with cancer coach Elyn Jacobs

Cancer strategist and coach Elyn Jacobs joins us today to debunk many myths associated with breast cancer.  She discusses natural approaches and empowering clients with knowledge to make informed treatement decisions.  Download full show notes